Ja Rule Writes About First Night In Prison

    Currently serving joint terms stemming from guilty pleas on a 2007 weapons charge and, more recently, failing to file tax returns, Ja Rule (real name Jeffery Atkins) has written to Vibe.com about his first night in prison. His letter begins: “My first night here was crazy inmates screaming, banging, and kicking the doors calling the male CO’s bitch ass niggas & faggots telling the female CO’s how they gonna fuck em, throwing plates of food out their cells onto the floor LOL.”

    At least he can laugh about it? The letter goes on to see Ja ask, “When will we break the cycle?” He talks about being in close quarters with kids significantly younger than himself, 35, and talks about his father (punctuated by another spirited LOL). “A lot of people choose to throw it away meaning they didn’t learn shit but those that choose to wash that shoe tend to watch their step knowing how hard it was to get em clean,” the rapper says, pledging to wash his shoes this time. Ja wrote his first letter from prison to AllHipHop, which begins recalling an attempted suicide in the cell next to him. [VIBE]