Ja Rule pushes back new album, gives shout out to the Beatles

    Ja RuleHey, what’s Ja Rule been up to lately? That’s a question I sure haven’t been asking myself lately. Come to think of it, I have never asked myself that question. But if you don’t happen to think that all copies of “Put It On Me” should be locked away from all humanity in an underwater vault that will forever curse the soul of anyone who should try to open it, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ja is releasing a follow-up to his 2004 album R.U.L.E.. The release date for Rule’s new disc, The Mirror, has been changed from September to November. The album will feature contributions from Lil Wayne and the Game, which is notable if only for the fact that both Ja and Game have long standing beef with 50 Cent (you might credit 50 for spoiling Ja’s career in 2003 when he openly dissed Rule in interviews).
    [more:]The Mirror also features a track that samples the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” called “Father Forgive Me.” Gee, I wonder how that one’s gonna go? “Hopefully I make the Beatles proud,” says Rule. “Big shout out to Paul McCartney and the whole gang, Ringo and everybody!” Yes, I’m sure Ringo’s gonna love it. In other Ja related news, as of 9:03 PM CST, someone (probably a 13-year-old boy) has completely rewritten Rule’s wikipedia entry to ” get this ” make it seem like he was gay. Zing!
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