J Dilla Foundation Finally Becoming A Reality For His Heirs

    The unfortunate situation regarding the late J Dilla’s estate became public in January 2009 when Vibe Magazine ran its “The Battle for J Dilla’s Legacy” article. It outlined how Dilla’s mother and heirs remained in a constant battle for control of his estate, mostly with the hopes to create the J Dilla Foundation. Well, now, that non-profit is becoming a reality.


    According to Stones Throw, the J Dilla Foundation’s goal is “to help fund the development of music in the inner city and provide scholarships to students enrolled at schools with progressive music curricula.” This is something Dilla’s mom, known as Ma Dukes, has wanted to do ever since her son passed away in February 2006.


    Stones Throw additionally announced two new Dilla-related projects, one of them being a T-shirt designed by Stussy and the other being a Serato release. The latter is likely to be similar to the Stones Throw/Serato product that’s available now.


    An official J Dilla site was also launched.