J. Cole Confronts MTV About Leaving Him Off Their Hottest MCs List

    Listen: we all know that MTV’s Hottest MCs of the Year list is built to foster an annual pitch-a-fit in hip-hop, because the heads behind the nomination process are always fumbling around with things they know nothing about. This is the way it works with mainstream media. Sure, some artists were rightly listed, though the asinine inclusion of names like Nas (put out like five songs last year), 50 Cent and T.I. (spent half of the nomination qualifying period in prison) are what slight the whole deal. 

    Anyway, that was just a soapbox moment. The circumstance here is that J. Cole, who, though he lost, received a Grammy nod and managed to earn Gold sales status with his debut Cole World: The Sideline Story, is absent from the list, and in a recent interview with, who else, MTV, he expressed his thoughts on the issue.

    “Yeah, I saw the list. I don’t know. A list is a list, you know what I’m saying? Whether I’m on it or not. If I was on that list, they’d find another person to be up in arms about,” he explained. “I’m very happy at the fact that my fans and people who aren’t really big fans but they just know… I’m happy to see that reaction from them. But if it wasn’t me, it’d be somebody else. Like, how did you forget emcee such and such? That’s just the nature of the list. So imagine when the top 10 is really announced, I’m sure there’ll be drama then. But do I deserve it? Yeah, of course. Even when I didn’t deserve to be on it, I thought I deserved to be on it a couple of years ago, when I really wasn’t as hot as I might be right now. But it’s all good.”

    Definitely isn’t some sarcasm there at the end. You can catch the full interview below should you be interested. I’m just wondering why MTV would want to interview someone they pissed off knowing that it’s a dart to their reputation. Big Brother conspiracy in the works? I think so.

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