Wilco (The Album) (The Cover)

    So there was Yankee Hotel Foxtrot with those looming buildings. Then the egg on that unnervingly plain grey backdrop for A Ghost is Born. And then the ominous swirling birds on Sky Blue Sky. So how does Wilco follow all these very seriously titled records, with very seriously arty covers? Why, with Wilco (The Album), of course. And if the title alone wasn’t enough to derail their melancholy train of records, they revealed the art work for their upcoming album and, well, there’s a llama in a party hat. With this shot, we’ve either just missed the neatest, lamest kid’s party of all time, or we’re the first guests at a shindig that may, impossibly, be taking place in Germany, or at least on the patio of one of those weird cheese shops buried in the dark corner of your local mall. But while it’s nice to see these guys lightening up, it’s good to know they didn’t go too crazy and ignore the strict llama leash laws. They’re on the books for a reason, kids.


    Wilco (The Album) will be out June 30 (at the latest, according to the band) on Nonesuch. [Pitchfork]