iTunes: Ready For A Redesign

    Remember the first time you used iTunes? After taking the time to upload all those CDs onto your computer and lovingly typing up the track names and maybe even downloading a little something from the iTunes store, the results were crazy: every song in your possession was lined up in your own personal library. And you saw all your music on your computer, and behold, it was good.

    Now that streaming services are making the concept of music possession more fluid, iTunes is starting to look like a desktop dinosaur. Good timing: Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a major iTunes update, and it’ll be the biggest since, well, 2003.  What’s going to change? There will be more of a focus on iCloud, better search capabilities in the iTunes app store, more traditional social media integration (goodbye Ping, hello Facebook and Twitter), and the possibility of giving friends free listens to songs purchased through Apple.

    It sounds like iTunes will be taking the standard cues from Spotify: share what you’re listening to with your friends, make things mobile, and so on. Still, we hope the redesign incorporates something new and slick and distinctly Apple; after all, that first glimpse of iTunes felt so revolutionary that it’s hard to imagine a boring revamp. Hopefully it won’t be. []