It’s No Surprise That Ashton Kutcher Is The Highest Paid TV Actor

    It’s a good thing that quantity doesn’t equal quality, or else we’d all have to reevaluate what our favorite TV shows were. Of course, there’s certainly a correlation between how many viewers watch a program and how well-paid the stars of those series are. But that doesn’t mean critics have to take into account television ratings and award something like Two and a Half Men the title of best TV show. 

    Thank God for that. 

    Variety reports that Forbes Magazine has compiled a list of top earners on television, and the top spot has unsurprisingly gone to Ashton Kutcher. A year ago, Charlie Sheen took home that award for making $40 million in 2011, but his replacement at number one (and on the same show) only raked in $24 million over a similar span. Hopefully, Ashton isn’t losing any sleep over that. 

    At number two, Hugh Laurie of House was tied with Ray Romano. The Everybody Loves Raymond star and creator wasn’t actually acting on a TV show this year, but he continues to make boatloads of cash thanks to the syndication of that show.