It’s More Fun To Compute

    Kraftwerk may not be the last Krautrock band standing (I’m pretty sure there are versions of Amon Duul II and Guru Guru, among others,  still kicking around the German festival circuit), but they’ve certainly aged the best. How is one to tell? Well, for starters, do you think a four-date Guru Guru American mini-tour would be a national news item?


    Since they’re dragging their Teutonic asses all the way to California to play at Coachella this year, Kraftwerk decided they’d also deign to play dates in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Denver. And…? And…? And that’s it folks. Apparently a crucial aspect of maintaining a ravenous fanbase for decades is perpetuating your mystique by taking a Punxsutawney Phil approach to live appearances. This is the first time the Prefab Four have played the states in four years. Before that? Not a peep on this side of the pond between 1981 and 1998. So it becomes a bit easier to understand why the briefest string of dates by a band that sometimes lets robots take center stage and utilizes machines to play (and sing) most of their parts in concert should create such a stir. Madonna, take note: if you actually use automatons onstage instead of merely acting like one, maybe you could muster up some of that Kraftwerk cred too…


    Kraftwerk US Tour 2008:


    April 19th: Myth – Minneapolis, Minnesota

    April 20th: Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    April 23rd: The Fillmore – Denver, Colorado

    April 26th: Coachella – Indio, California