It’s Hard To Believe, But ‘Cheers’ Is Turning 30

    When people think back on some of the best sitcoms in recent years, their gut reaction is probably to go with Seinfeld. After all, that show quickly redefined what could be done with a regular cast of characters and a laugh track. Critics are also more than willing to pick the juggernaut The Simpsons or the underrated NewsRadio as their top choices, but something that usually goes under the radar is Cheers

    Many internet readers may be just a little too young to remember the program that showed the sitcom format at its apex. It may not have had the irony of Seinfeld, the cultural references that The Simpsons does or the quirky sensibility of a NewsRadio, but it did have a deep lineup of stars and an amazing writing staff more informed by plays and literature than other television programs. 

    The show is approaching its 30th anniversary, and many actors from the program are speaking up about their experiences on Cheers. Some of the best tidbits are stories about how the feel of a bar where everybody knows your name was created. For instance, John Ratzenberger, who played barfly and mailman Cliff Clavin, recently told The Hollywood Reporter how his character was developed.

    It turns out that after being turned down for one role, he piped up that any Boston bar worth its salt should have a blowhard know-it-all. He was then invited to help create the role, and the rest is history. Read more at THR to discover more juicy tidbits about the storied program.