‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Gets A New Cast?

    When It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia debuted in 2005, it wasn’t clear that the show was going to last. There have always been sitcoms centered around misanthropic and selfish people (see Seinfeld for proof), but the particular brand of nastiness and arguing It’s Always Sunny brought to audiences could easily have rubbed viewers the wrong way and been cancelled fairly quickly. 

    One element that helped bring the show attention (and plenty of comedic opportunities) was the addition of Frank (Danny DeVito) to the cast. With the lineup of Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Sweet Dee rounded out by a bizarre and hilarious father figure, the show reached new heights of lunacy. 

    Now that It’s Always Sunny is entering its eighth season, they’re pulling out all the stops. A new promo from FX (via Vulture) is trying to convince us that the cast has been entirely overhauled. If you can belive the video below, we’ll see Haley Joel Osment as Mac, Xzibit as Sweet Dee, Andrew Dice Clay as Frank and some other replacements as well. Obviously the cast isn’t going anywhere, but seeing as the show has a fascination with minor celebrities (like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 and Sinbad), it isn’t a stretch to think they’d have these folks on for some guest spots or cameos. Find out when the new season debuts on Oct. 11.

    UpdateThe Gang From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Reacts To The New Cast