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It's all over guys...CNN's onto us

Time for a paradigm shift everyone. We had a good run. Thanks to the intrepid reporters at CNN, indie culture has been blown wide open by their special report: "Inside the Indie Scene." Let me tell you, these guys have really done their homework. Now we're going to have to contend with dull normals knowing about our ultra-hip secret messiahs like Radiohead, Quentin Tarantino and David Sedaris. What ever will we do? Damn you CNN, for digging right into the heart of our insular little scene. Damn you to hell!
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Matthew Gasteier

indie rock is pretty kewl.

Dave Park

Quick, everyone burn all evidence of Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens before it reaches the unscrubbed masses.


i took their stupid fucking quiz. first of all, the only inferior movie in wes anderson's catalogue is Life Aquatic. Bottle Rocket slays. second of all, fuck rilo kiley and its many bastard offspring. when the hell did they become a mainstream-media-token-indie-name-drop? third of all, did mos def always look like a gnome? fourth of all, i love it when major media sources want to let the kids know that they're still "down". a one-armed twelve year-old with a dial-up modem could do better research. but really, these are the same people who created bullshit Crossfire, so i guess we can't be surprised. thanks cnn. now all the poli-sci professors in the midwest are gonna start listening to more than just rush and blue oyster cult.


if jenny lewis wasn't smoking hot, rilo kiley and its many bastard offspring would go vastly overlooked.

Mike Krolak

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