This is Jim Jones Documentary Trailer (Video)


    Damon Dash is really doing all he can to make sure Jim Jones becomes something other than a fourth-tier rapper in a thrid-tier crew–Dash commissioned This is Jim Jones, a documentary (allegedly due out soon) that follows Jones’ life, starting with his rough childhood and up to his fights with Cam’ron over the Diplomats’ collapsing relationship with Def Jam (and Jay-Z) and recording his new album, Pray IV Reign. I’m not really sure, at this point, what it would take for Jones to appear as a sympathetic figure (probably better music), but I’m not sure a documentary, which promises shots at Cam and Jay-Z (who Jones says is "old" even though Jay is only seven years older than Jones), is what will redeem Jones beyond the clown he’s currently perceived as. [RealTalkNY