Islands release iTunes live EP, cover Spiritualized and Sinead O’Connor

    Nick Thorburn has been busy lately. He spent some time this summer in the retro Human Highway, released an Islands record, and started a new project called Reefer. Apparently, at some point in there, he found time to cut a live iTunes EP with Islands that is available now.


    On the EP, Thorburn and Islands rip through four tracks from the latest Islands LP, Arm’s Way, a Spiritualized cover (“A Broken Heart”), and a Sinead O’Connor cover (WTF?) (“Red Football”).


    Here’s the tracklist:


    01 The Arm (Live)
    02 Pieces of You (Live)
    03 Creeper (Live)
    04 Red Football (Live)
    05 A Broken Heart (Live)
    06 J’aime vous voir quitter (Revised Live Version)