Isis, Jesu Members Form Greymachine

    Jesu frontman Justin Broadrick and Isis frontman Aaron Turner usually have more than one iron in the experimental-metal fire, so it was just a matter of time before they, um, started roasting the same piece of iron. Broadrick and Turner have teamed up, along with Jesu’s Diarmuid Dalton and Head of David’s Dave Cochrane, to form Greymachine. Their debut, to be titled Disconnected, is due out on August 4 via Hydra Head. And with song titles like “Vultures Descend” and “We Are All Fucking Liars,” it sounds like the perfect mix for these angry, disaffected days of summer.


    Disconnected track list:


    01 Wolf at the Door
    02 Vultures Descend
    03 When Attention Just Ain’t Enough
    04 Wasted
    05 We Are All Fucking Liars
    06 Just Breathing
    07 Sweatshop
    08 Easy Pickings