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Isis Defy You Not To Buy <i>Wavering Radiant</i>

Prepare ye for May 5th, the date on which it is augured that the new Isis album, Wavering Radiant, will rise from the fathomless depths of the Ipecac Records moat. Its atmosphere will be thick, its riffs mammoth; its minutes will number 54, its cameos from Adam Jones of Tool two, and its tracks seven. The names of the latter are expressed thusly in the language of mortals, as is the aural manifestation of "20 Minutes / 40 Years," crystallized in mp3 format:


1. Hall Of The Dead
2. Ghost Key
3. Hand Of The Host
4. Wavering Radiant
5. Stone To Wake A Serpent
6. 20 Minutes / 40 Years

7. Threshold Of Transformation


There comes a time when all journalists must dip their quills into a fresh inkwell and scribble down alternatives to stale adjectives like "expansive," "cerebral" and  "crushing." Now is that time. Wavering Radiant is nigh.

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I need to check this out.

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ahah, you so rock Etan

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