Is XXL Magazine Shutting Down?

    Rumor has it that the 15-year-old magazine has had trouble bringing in new readers over the last few years and is struggling to make ends meet. As a result, Harris Publications, parent company and owner of XXL Magazine is considering terminating all print publications of XXL as a whole… and is thinking about shutting down their online sites as well. Word is that the publication may not make it into 2013, ceasing print by December.

    Meanwhile, editors and writers for the magazine have been quick to dispel any rumors of shutting down, claiming the magazine is fully stable. While this could just be speculation, it would be another sign of the times for print media, which struggles to flourish in the age of high speed internet and popular online music blogs. Back in 2009, Vibe Magazine was shut down until large uproar and new investors brought it back. The magazine now publishes every other month and is building a stronger online presence.