Is There A James Harden-Lil Wayne-Trina Love Triangle?

    The Oklahoma City Thunder’s ascension to the NBA’s elite has brought wins, nationally televised matchups, and, naturally, a cohort of celebrity bandwagoners. In a place as small and collegiate as Oklahoma City, where a Flaming Lips tribute is treated like a Jay-Z anthem and the biggest courtside celebrity might be Bill Hader, the attendance of entertainment’s biggest names could be taken as a sign of finally making it to the big time. So why would OKC turn away Lil Wayne at the gates? Could it be that the extra-terrestrial rapper’s self-proclaimed Lakers fealty hurt his reputation in a rival building? Do the Thunder fear the journalistic integrity and influence of Weezy’s Sports Corner? Or could it be something a little juicier?

    Complex points to various sources on Twitter who speculate that Wayne was turned away at the request of Thunder sixth man James Harden, who recently allegedly began seeing Wayne’s ex Trina. The Thunder denied that any personal rivalry caused Wayne’s exclusion, stating, “We did not deny him. His representatives contacted us about courtside tickets and we told them we are completely sold out.” Harden himself took to Twitter to reconcile, offering Weezy tickets to the Thunder’s next playoff game. A good face has been put on this feud, but do you buy it? Could there be a love triangle that involves the weirdest-looking guy in rap and the second weirdest-looking guy in the NBA? Either way, Trina has adventurous taste in men. Let us know what you think in the comments, and watch some of Wayne’s legendary sports commentary below.