Is PSY Going To Be On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Tonight?

    This is just a rumor, but I wouldn’t doubt it if occurred. Earlier today Scotter Braun manager of Justin Bieber and owner of Schoolboy Records tweeted:

    This could potentially be pointing to PSY appearing on Saturday Night Live tonight on NBC. He’s already made an appearance on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ on top of numerous other shows such as the MTV VMAs, TMZ, Ryan Seacrest and the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ with Britney Spears.

    With the kind of push Braun has been doing, this adds even more fuel to the monumental rise that PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has taken on U.S. soil. If it is a live performance, I’m pretty sure it won’t end up like Ashley Simpson-Wentz’s mess of a cowboy dance. Check him out performing it live on the ‘Today Show’ here.

    It was also announced earlier today that the single is now the #1 track on the U.S. iTunes Singles Chart. If rumors are true, this appearance could help him keep that ranking just a little longer. 

    [All Kpop]