Is Microsoft Going To Start Selling Music On The Xbox?

    You know, considering the hugely concentrated climate of cloud-services and song-delivery systems, busting into this whole brand new world of selling music seems like an uncertain proposition at best, unless you have a really good idea. Considering Microsoft’s closest thing to a track record is the Zune, you can forgive us for being a little guarded.

    Still that hasn’t stopped rumors swirling that at this year’s E3, Microsoft will be unveiling some sort of music infrastructure. If you don’t know, E3 is the go-to event on the games industry calendar to show off your new cool shit. A recent job posting for “Team Xbox Music” (clunky!) to build “a massive catalog of music content from multiple vendors and development of innovative user interfaces for music consumption on Xbox, Windows, mobile phones and the web.” Sounds intriguing! You know, if this was before the iCloud, the Amazon Cloud, Spotify, etc. But hey, maybe Microsoft has some trick up its sleeve, they certainly did well with the Netflix streaming. [The Daily Swarm]