Is Leona Lewis a Nerd?

    While breaking down boundaries between genres and fans of those genres has been the calling card of the decade, this piece of news still seems surprising. British pop star Leona Lewis will have be providing a song for James Cameron’s new science fiction movie, Avatar, and will also have a song featured in the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XIII.


    News that Lewis will be singing “I See You,” the song that will play during Avatar‘s closing credits, isn’t too surprising. After all, Creed provided the trailer song for animated sci-fi flop Titan A.E. However, news that “My Hands,” form the singer’s upcoming second album Echo, would be the theme song for the English language versions of Final Fantasy XIII is slightly more stunning.


    While J-Pop singers have had success providing tunes for the Square Enix video game series, the move to pair Lewis with the latest installment seems star-crossed, given the lack of crossover between Lewis’ fan base and Final Fantasy‘s. Maybe there’s a possibility that Lewis has genuine interest in nerdy projects like Avatar and Final Fantasy. Then again, look at that picture. There’s no way, right? [Angry Ape and Silicon Era]