Is Jay-Z the New Axl Rose?




    Wait a minute—wasn’t Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 supposed to come out last year? Jay-Z is normally one of the faster-working rappers in the game, pounding out albums in a few weeks (or, in the case of 2007’s American Gangster, in less time than it takes to sit through The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), but progress on his latest, Kanye West-produced Blueprint album has been unusually slow. He detailed his progress on the album this weekend:

    "I made a bunch of songs," Jay said. "We’re gonna get in the studio and get down to what’s supposed to be on the album and when. Right now, Kanye is making a new batch of music that’s going to be phenomenal, and at the end of the day, when it’s ready for the people, then we’ll serve it up."

    The explanation for the delay is likely as simple as the lack of a hard deadline.

    "If I don’t have any time constraints, I’ll mess around, I’ll never get it done. I’ll be Axl Rose out here! It’ll be 12 years later and we’ll be talking about Chinese Democracy. I really like the [time constraints]. But whatever happens, [the album] may turn out better, ’cause it’ll be done when it’s right."

    Hov shouldn’t worry too much about becoming the new Axl Rose, though. Dr. Dre is heir to that dubious honor. [MTV]