Is Facebook Music Helping Artists Gain New Fans?

    Along with wondering whether or not Facebook Music is the be-all, end-all for streaming music services, we’ve been thinking about if the service can be beneficial to the artists themselves. If you use the social networking platform, you have no doubt noticed people listening to music in your news feed and that always-updating ticker. But have you ever clicked on it or has it led you to discover a new artist?

    Personally, I haven’t, just because there is so much noise on Facebook already. And early reports are indicating that this might be the case for most users. Digital Music World points to data indicating that artists aren’t seeing a spike in new fans since the integration of Facebook Music. They even have a graph representing (ugh) Linkin Park’s growth rate and how it’s increased at a normal rate.

    It will certainly be interesting to see where Facebook goes next with this service and whether or not they can succeed in “liking” an artist easier. Expect changes in the near future, I’d assume, and plenty of bitching from Facebook users, like me.