Is David Beckham To Blame For The Stone Roses Reunion

    Because the fact that they’re reuniting isn’t enough for British music rags, there are a variety of stories circling the net for WHY the band reunited, as if the fact that they are going to get paid boatloads of cash isn’t enough. These stories range from Mani’s mom making them get together, to they owe money. However there is a bonkers story circulating right now that is too crazy NOT to believe:

    According to some reports, David Beckham is the reason the band reformed, as he heard that Mani and Ian Brown were thinking of getting back together, and he forced them to meet up and get back together. What’s the basis for this story? None, really, except that Beckham has often said how much he likes the Stone Roses. Just know this: If David Beckham did this, he puts all real sports stars to shame. Like, what other athlete has gotten a band back together? [DS]