Is Chris Cornell set to join Led Zeppelin?

    With the remaining members of Led Zeppelin pretty much confirming that they are continuing without Robert Plant, speculation as to who will replace the tousle-haired singer is mounting. Jack White, Sammy Hagar, and Dave Grohl are among the names floating around, and the shrill falsetto of former Soundgaren/Audioslave singer Chris Cornell seems like a good fit.

    "I have not been approached so far to fill in for Robert Plant on the upcoming Zeppelin tour,” Cornell told MTV News. “But that isn’t to say I won’t be.” Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has been jamming with Page, Jones, and Bonham Jr., but isn’t expected to join the reunion. "They did it for fun," said Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford.

    Cornell is scheduled to release his Timbaland-produced album Scream in January, but it’s set to be overshadowed by the Led Zeppelin rumors. "I’ve heard [the rumors] from about 200 people now, and it might be one of those situations where it’s just an online rumor or it might be true,” he said. Fortunately Cornell is keeping a sense of humor about the stories, adding: “But if you see anyone from Led Zeppelin around, let me know. I think I should actually fill in for Jimmy Page on the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss tour." [MTV News]