Is Annie’s Anthonio Real, and Did He Really Record a Response Song?

    “Anthonio,” the most recent single from Norwegian DJ/singer Annie, paints a picture of the singer as wounded and lovelorn, thrown aside by some hunky Brazilian lothario named “Anthonio,” as if anyone would ever treat Annie that way. Well, someone claiming to be the Anthonio from the song has recorded a response, entitled “Annie,” a snippet of which you can listen to at Popjustice here.

    Anthonio also has a Myspace Page set up, and his top friends are strictly blonde Norwegians, the first of whom is Annie. This, I think, is where the ruse falls apart; if this guy was really the song’s ladykilling Brazilian jerk, would he really go so far to associate himself with Annie, and then be so callous as to fill his top friends with a bunch of girls who casually resemble her? I smell a viral marketing campaign, which is both odd and interesting considering that it’s all centered around one single, but if I’m wrong, someone needs to introduce this Anthonio guy’s face to a fist quick.