Is A Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber Mixtape About To Drop?

    A couple days ago Sean Kingston told 102 JAMZ that there is a Bieber/Kingston mixtape floating around. As he told the station:

    “Me and him got a mixtape together called Our World. We got like six songs together. I think I’m going to release that, too. His manager [Scooter Braun] heard some of the songs and was very impressed so I’ll probably leak some songs off that too ’cause there’s a lot of good material on there.”

    Considering your opinion of their collab “Eenie Meenie,” the last track the two collaborated on, this could be a massive one-ton anvil of pop music that is about to drop on your local airwaves. No details yet on how old the mixtape is or if it will ever actually see the light of day. [PopDust]