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Irony Hits Vegas: Matador Planning Twenty-First Birthday Bash In Sin City

Most labels would have put together a huge festival to celebrate a round twenty years in the music business, but Matador has always prided itself on being just a little left of the mainstream. Hence, music fans have Matador at Twenty-One, a festival being held October 1-3 in Las Vegas, with venues and acts to be announced at a later date. While the thought of Stephen Malkmus lurking in a corner at Treasure Island or Pink Eyes running shirtless and sweaty down the strip is enough for a save-the-date, it's hard not to think of what Jay Reatard could have done with the whole Elvis/Vegas/Memphis vibe. For updates on the show, keep your internet browser trained here. [Village Voice]

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Unfortunately, you can never get the Clap ironically.

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