Iron Maiden starts hotel for responsible musicians, expects to remain in business

    When a travelling musicians think of high-end hospitality in London, the only thing that should come to mind is Eddie, that freaky zombie thing from Iron Maiden. Tired of being mobbed at hotels, the band has joined with nightclub owner Mark Fuller to open a hotel exclusively for touring musicians. Among the amenities will be added security to keep out the paparazzi, an open all hours cocktail lounge, and a fully functioning cinema in the lobby. The thirty rooms hotel, to be known as the Sanctum Soho, will go from $225 to $1000 a night depending on size, but only those in the music business are allowed to book a room. What musicians should not be expecting, however, is to trash a room. All parties involved in the venture say the days of Zep or Keith Moon are long over, and that throwing televisions out the window and whatnot is "just sad." [The Sunday Times]