Popsicles contain a chance to chill out with an iPod

    In what has to be the coolest promotional contest since the talking can craze of the mid-nineties, Brazillian ice cream company Kibon has frozen ten thousand iPod Shuffles in their Fruttare brand of fruit popsicle. The contest was made possible only by the persistence and innovation of the folks of Kibon. The company invented a synthetic popsicle material that wouldn’t short circuit the iPod, but is nearly indistinguishable from an actual popsicle; obtained clearance from Apple, who was understandably dubious about the prospect of freezing their electronics; and solved the logistical problem of getting the charger into the hands of the winners (via an 800 number). Though the odds of winning one of the Shuffles aren’t good enough to justify a trip to Brazil, maybe some stateside companies will take the hint. An MP3 player inside a box of Cracker Jacks would beat the heck out of the tattoos they give away as “prizes” now. They’re not even permanent! [Gizmodo]