Internet Hive-Mind Compiles 12-Hour Autechre DJ Set List


    Warp Records artists Autechre have been making unfathomable glitch-heavy electronic music for over 20 years now, and they still continue to confound their fans’ expectations. On Wednesday (March 3) the duo played a mammoth 12-hour DJ set, which was broadcast live on the Internet.


    Naturally, most people probably dipped in for only an hour or two, although there were a hardcore of fans who documented the entire event and have put audio files up to download. But the real work of art here is this Google Docs spreadsheet, which is an attempt to list every song played in an open collaboration between anyone who heard the set.


    If you think you have the tastes of Messrs. Sean Booth and Rob Brown nailed, think again—yes, they really did play Arrow’s “Hot Hot Hot” just after Joey Beltram’s rave classic “Energy Flash.” Even the mighty Google has been brought to its knees by this undertaking, as the spreadsheet is regularly unavailable due to the weight of numbers flocking to it.