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Interesting Cat Power piece in the NYT

Chan Marshall opened up for the first time about her recent meltdown, and her attempts to sober up in this New York Times piece that was published today. I was surprised by how forthcoming Marshall was in the interview, and after hearing the real story behind all the years of gossip, it finally hit me just how much crap Matador has had to put up with over the years. It's pretty amazing that they've stuck by Chan all these years. It seems she's finally turned the corner though, so good on her. Give the article a look, and leave some comments below.
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Cat Power

Wow, Chan in a Wong Kar-Wai movie would have been amazing. Damn.


My boss at the record store I work at said that she talked briefly about this at the Atlanta show about a week ago.

Austin L. Ray

great story austin



Mike Krolak

Who cares about the crap Matador dealt with? That was so sad to hear how bad her alcoholism was. Amazing story.

Dave Park

ACB, you're gonna burn in hell for that comment.

Austin L. Ray

Best line of the article: "It would seem that every fan has a Cat Power concert story..." Indeed. I remember a particularly awful show at Warsaw after "You Are Free" came out where she had a small band assembled which she sent off after the 2nd song. She proceeded to play solo on piano about 4-5 songs that aren't on any of her albums, including a particularly bad version of a Mary J Blige song. The crowd went from excited, to anxious, to depressed, to exit. I think the only person enjoying this train wreck was Harmony Korrine who could be seen gleefully clapping just off-stage. I guess one weirdo deserves another. I told a friend of mine the story to which he replied, "That's what happens to everyone with Cat Power. They love the record. They go to the show. They get wasted. It's the worst thing they've ever seen and everyone goes home confused." That said - "The Greatest" will be on my Top 10 List this year. Beautiful record. BTW


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