Insane Clown Posse’s Weekend from Hell

    Dear music industry: Insane Clown Posse feels not your pain. In a world where tour revenue keeps declining for everyone from indie upstarts to former legends to current top draws, somehow the Gathering of the Juggalos –  a 4-day event in Kentucky border town Cave In Rock, Ill. – continues to not only exist, but thrive. This year’s 10th annual event kicks off with appearances tonight by Ice Cube and MC Chris, followed by three nights of rap, rock and… well… whatever else a12-year-old with a behavioral disorder might want.


    Between and the accompanying linked video, which Videogum hilariously dubs “a 14-minute infomercial for the Lilith Fair of garbage monsters,” this weekend’s festivities range from the expected (sets by ICP, Twiztid and apparently the entire thug/clown/musician demographic) to the ridiculous (hayrides, bouncy boxing) to the confusing (groups like GWAR and Onyx relegated to side-stage, pre-breakfast timeslots) to the just plain sad (do the Posse’s infamous Joker Cards fortell who will prop up Jimmy “JJ” Walker for his 2am performance at the oddly named Seminar Tent?).


    As much as this is looks like an absolute nightmare to anyone with two ears and even the slightest amount of taste, it still costs money to run something as big as this and apparently ICP either doesn’t, or is willing to, go in the red if it means giving something to their millions of fans. No one may have necessarily asked for events like helicopter rides or a Ms. Juggalette contest (correction: no one did), but like a good shower, disciples of these wyckyd klownz may not have known they needed them until the opportunity was present. [Videogum]