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Insane Clown Posse's 'Big Money Rustlas' Kills Cinema Dead, For Good


The Insane Clown Posse, chosen band of pipe-heads everywhere, have released a movie. It's titled Big Money Rustlas, and it looks like it done killed cinema dead. Twice. In the face. It premiered this weekend in Detroit (which explains the lack of creeps in your neighborhood yesterday), and hopefully won't spread like the meth epidemic across America. I fear for Kentucky: This will be the number one movie there very soon. [Daily Swarm


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Insane Clown Posse

This is a joke, right?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Juggalos don't play brandon!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

totally real. might be fun to get trashed and laugh through this one lol.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/LongestWinter/moonjpg.jpg CraigJenkins

was that the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart I saw?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Dipseth/sparkle.jpg Dipseth

Oh hell yeah! If it's got Bridget The Midget, I'm down.

Jon Came

That's right ninja, this film is going to come down there and make the whole state of Kentucky howl with laughter...

Paul Andresen

The movie was great. All I can say is..What a way to spend my birthday than with the Psychopathic family and all the other juggalos and lettes. Oh yeah and I am from Louisville,KY. I laughed like crazy. Everyone on the project did a hell of a job. Thanks for one of myfondest memories to date. MCL! WHOOP WHOOP!

David Bassett

phucking awesome, cant wait to laugh my ass off at this one. the first one was hilarious.


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