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Indie rock: The next big Mexican import?

Success on thousands of Mexican radios may be the harbinger of a Mexican Rock Invasion. Reuters links to an article by Billboard writer Ayala Ben-Yehuda about a coming influx of "rock and alternative" music from Mexico. Included among Ben-Yehuda's ones-to-watch are electronic act Moenia and the glammed-out attack of Moderatto. But there's nothing Moderatto about the Mexican record industry's attempt to make a dent in America. With the surprising success of rock acts like Chetes and Zoe in their homeland, their label, EMI Televisa, is undertaking a major roll-out strategy Stateside:
North of the border, early buzz brought Chetes' "Blanco Facil" to the top of iTunes Latino's albums chart before its December 26 U.S. release. Zoe's "Via Lactea" is No. 4 on U.S. trade publication Radio & Records' Latin Rock/Alternative airplay chart.
The label's plan will also encompass showcases; video channels MTV Tr3s, mun2 and LATV; mainstream and Latin alternative press; and social-networking sites. EMI Televisa was established in 2005 as a joint venture between EMI and Spanish-language media giant Grupo Televisa.
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Can Prefix become a 24 hour blog? Because that would be badass....

Austin L. Ray

That's what we're aiming for.7 days a week.Sleep is for suckas.

Dave Park

Isn't this "Latin invasion" stories one of those trend pieces that come back around every few years? It just seems like nothing new. Of course, that could be from my location in L.A. KCRW continually does a good job of keeping listeners up to date on that stuff.

John Zeiss

Zoe and Chetes are both excellent, among the most interesting and creative bands/singer songwriters in Mexico.I like Moenia, but the singer sounds exactly like the one from Depeche Mode, only in Spanish.Moderatto is horrible, a copy of Motley Crue, without the humor and intelligence ;)


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