Indie rock: The next big Mexican import?

    Success on thousands of Mexican radios may be the harbinger of a Mexican Rock Invasion. Reuters links to an article by Billboard writer Ayala Ben-Yehuda about a coming influx of “rock and alternative” music from Mexico. Included among Ben-Yehuda’s ones-to-watch are electronic act Moenia and the glammed-out attack of Moderatto. But there’s nothing Moderatto about the Mexican record industry’s attempt to make a dent in America. With the surprising success of rock acts like Chetes and Zoe in their homeland, their label, EMI Televisa, is undertaking a major roll-out strategy Stateside:

    North of the border, early buzz brought Chetes’ “Blanco Facil” to the top of iTunes Latino’s albums chart before its December 26 U.S. release. Zoe’s “Via Lactea” is No. 4 on U.S. trade publication Radio & Records’ Latin Rock/Alternative airplay chart.
    The label’s plan will also encompass showcases; video channels MTV Tr3s, mun2 and LATV; mainstream and Latin alternative press; and social-networking sites. EMI Televisa was established in 2005 as a joint venture between EMI and Spanish-language media giant Grupo Televisa.