Incredible Collection Of Hardcore Classics Available For Free Download


    It’s safe to say that author Steven Blush is a man obsessed by the Reagan era hardcore punk movement. His book American Hardcore: A Tribal History was released in 2001 and provided the basis for the American Hardcore film of 2006 (see trailer above). Now, Blush has a second edition of the book out, in which all the chapters have been updated, along with new interviews, artwork, bios, and an expanded discography. 


    To celebrate the release of his new tome, Blush has uploaded an incredible collection of 911 hardcore songs, which can all be downloaded for free over at this link. The legality of such a move may be questionable, but the author has posted a note on the page asking copyright holders to contact him to request deletions if they feel they don’t want their work distributed in this manner. Among the work available is classic early ’80s material from the Beastie Boys, Husker Du, Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, TSOL, Void, the Germs, and dozens of others. 


    Head over here for more information on the updated version of American Hardcore: A Tribal History.



    [via FACT]