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In Case You Were Curious, Luther Campbell Is Totally Against The Times Square Mosque

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for an opinion on an issue like whether or not some Muslims should be able to build an education center that keeps getting called a Mosque but it is not a Mosque on the site of a former Burlington Coat Factory around the corner from the World Trade Center, I look to rappers who were just a step above Hector the Booty Inspector. So here's Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew writing in the Miami New Times (which is allegedly a real newspaper):


While the United States is a free, beautiful country that opens its arms to all people, the fact is that some Muslim thugs hijacked two planes, blew up the Twin Towers, and killed 3,000 innocent people. I don’t care how anyone tries to spin it; the people behind the mosque are using our kindness as a weakness. You’ll never see the Ku Klux Klan try to put up a building in the heart of Liberty City…


What they really want to do is celebrate the martyrdom of terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center. Screw that. Anybody who is involved with putting that mosque next to Ground Zero should be investigated…


The terrorists attacked us, and they got us into two wars where American men and women are still being killed…


Sure, there are many good Muslims, but we also know there are a bunch of messed-up radicals who want to strap bombs to themselves and kill babies…

There are also Christians who are responsible for terrorist acts like Luke's Parental Advisory and every 2 Live Crew song. Their name is Luther Campbell. I think the real loser is anyone who reads the Miami New Times regularly. Your political columns are being written by this clown. [Daily Swarm]   

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