Immortal Technique set to release first album in five years

    Immortal Technique next album, The 3rd World, is set to be released June 24 on his own Viper Records. Green Lantern is handling much of the production on the album, which Tech calls an "album/mixtape of all original tracks" and will feature Chino XL, Ras Kass, Crooked I, and Poison Pen, among others. The project apparently grew out of his work on his long-delayed album The Middle Passage (no word on a release date for that one, although it could come this year, as well)


    It’s been five years since Immortal Technique released Revolutionary, Vol. 2, but in the interim he’s toured relentlessly and steadily put out mixtape material, garnering attention with such tracks as “Bin Laden” and “Impeach the President.” And he’s stayed political–his own blog and MySpace page offer portals to his politics. A recent post discussed the title of his new album (it relates to race and colonialism and gentrification); another, a response to the Sean Bell verdict, is titled “Police State Chronicles: Excerpts from the Street” and calls for readers to submit accounts of police brutality and abuse of authority. He’s planning to present the stories to Congress.