Imminent End of Summer = Torrential Downpour of Mixtapes

    Even in New York the end of summer is nigh. It’s been raining the last couple of days and the temperature actually dipped into the ’60s. End days are near, folks.

    Seems like many of our current muses across the country have been getting the same memo, so they are now dropping those long overdue mixes. Sure, it would have been better to have the entire to season to rock with these. But many of the drops from the last week have been appropriately nostalgic, sentimental and slightly trippy. So, here’s a quick wrap-up of the mixes from Best Coast, oOoOO and Curtis Vodka:

    Best Coast Mixtape (via The Independent)

    Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino arranged this traditional mix for The Independent. Traditional in the sense that the selection is eclectic, ranging from divas/-os like Aretha and Billy to indie gods like Pavement and Weezer (I keed, I keed). AM faves by Steely Dan and Bread and alterna-classics like “Johnny, Are You Queer?” and The Queers’ “I Gotta Girlfriend” round out the appropriately hipster summer set. Cosentino also includes notes about each song, which are, of course, the true gems; regarding Billy Joel’s “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,” she writes, “My mom took me to see Billy Joel like 2 summers ago, before I moved to new york [Sic.], and it was one of the coolest things ever–it was just a bunch of really drunk 40 year old women, and my mom and I singing along to every song.” The only thing missing is the hand-drawn cover art. In appropriately 21st century fashion, the blend is streamable via Mixcloud.

    oOoOO 120 Minutes Mix (via The Fader)

    Ok, so technically this is a collaboration between WhITCH and oOoOO wherein each takes one “side.” However each side complements the other. Think of listening to the new DJ on local community radio who is so excited to be on that he/she throws the entire kitchen sink on. But in a good way. WhITCH opens with ODB, runs through the shroomy synths of Autre Ne Veut and closes with a bang: Devin the Dude, Die Antwoord and William S. Burroughs. Not to be out-freaked oOoOO opens with some exotica and dubbed out Method Man–“come hither, Halloween” seems to be the sentiment. The rest of the side is still varied, but relatively consistent remixes of your fave artists to dance/jam out to: Robyn, Kylie and the xx. These long-form blends sound all right outdoors when you’re out and about, but are probably better heard indoors, curtains drawn… do I really need to spell this out?

    Curtis Vodka’s DJ Chevy Chase (via Discobelle)

    I’ve seen or heard a lot about the former Mr. Griswold lately, from his standing work on NBC’s Community to his support role in Hot Tub Time Machine to hearing stories about the fall-out from his roast a few years back. All to say I feel a mixture of warm nostalgia (Spies Like Us and the Fletch series were favorites when I was a kid) and reluctance to learn more about him.

    So, leave it to one of Alaska’s best DJs to a) come up with a new trend in mixtapes and b) find a loophole for dealing with my ambivalence about Chase. Curtis Vodka taps into today’s celeb-obsessed culture, but instead of trying to become another one instead DJs this set as if he were another celebrity. Presto! The subtitle of the mix “Yacht Rock” is a bit of a red herring, as this runs a bit deeper from Stories’ “Brother Louie” (which may now be known as the theme song to Louis C.K.’s awesome new show Louie on F/X) to that Todd Terje remix of Paul Simon’s “Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes.” The mix may be a bit too cool for any of the schools Chase’s characters would have attended (though, spoiler alert, that Donna Lewis is spot on), but who cares: this is what it sounds like to sail with Ty Webb.