Illinois Man Gets 40 Years For Killing Mom Over Avril Lavigne Tickets

    Here’s one of those crazy true crime stories that has too many nutty details to be true, and then will surely end up as a twisted thing on Law & Order: SVU: Robert Lyons of Chicago got a sentence of 40 years in jail this week, after he was found guilty of killing his mother over Avril Lavigne tickets. Apparently, in 2008, the now 39-year-old Lyons was upset that his 61-year-old mother wouldn’t call a fried of hers to get him skybox tickets to see Avril Lavigne, so he stabbed her nine times in the back. He then tried to dissolve her body, and left to go shopping. Police found him later hanging out at Hooters. 

    Story coming to a Law & Order near you soon. [Complex]