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<i>Guitar Hero: Van Halen</i> Rumored to Be Next in Series

Now that Guitar Hero: Metallica is out, speculation has run rampant over who would be picked as the next band to have their own version of the game. I was hoping for Acrade Fire (complete with a violin and accordion controller) but Kotaku is reporting that it'll be Guitar Hero: Van Halen.


Kotaku is citing Gamestop's website, which has the game available for pre-order, and the fact that Van Halen's name has been bandied about as a possible band for Guitar Hero since before Guitar Hero: Aerosmith came out. According to Gamestop, the game is due out on July 28, but that is all unconfirmed at this point.


I think the real question is how much of Guitar Hero: Van Halen will pull from the Sammy Hagar the Horrible and Gary Cherone years (hopefully none). Will they include David Lee Roth's solo version of "Just a Gigolo?" Because if so, Guitar Hero: Van Halen will be the best. [Kotaku via Paid Content]

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Van Halen

screw Van Halen. How about a Tool or Mastodon guitar hero. cmon they are washed up if your gonna use someone old use Led ?Zepplin or Pink Floyd or hell Lynard Skynard. Please any one but VH or U2. Iron Maiden wouldnt be a bad idea either.


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