Guitar Hero: Van Halen Rumored to Be Next in Series

    Now that Guitar Hero: Metallica is out, speculation has run rampant over who would be picked as the next band to have their own version of the game. I was hoping for Acrade Fire (complete with a violin and accordion controller) but Kotaku is reporting that it’ll be Guitar Hero: Van Halen.


    Kotaku is citing Gamestop’s website, which has the game available for pre-order, and the fact that Van Halen’s name has been bandied about as a possible band for Guitar Hero since before Guitar Hero: Aerosmith came out. According to Gamestop, the game is due out on July 28, but that is all unconfirmed at this point.


    I think the real question is how much of Guitar Hero: Van Halen will pull from the Sammy Hagar the Horrible and Gary Cherone years (hopefully none). Will they include David Lee Roth’s solo version of “Just a Gigolo?” Because if so, Guitar Hero: Van Halen will be the best. [Kotaku via Paid Content]