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<i>GQ</i> Claims Wale, Drake and Kid Cudi Killed Hip-Hop's "Gangster Persona" Dead

Drake, Wale and Kid Cudi are featured in a year-end roundup in the latest edition of GQ, pictured in a story that claims that the three of them helped kill off hip-hop's "gangster persona." Sure, it's a bit much to expect a magazine devoted to bringing white dudes pictures of Megan Fox's lady bits to discuss what's happening in hip-hop, but the gangster persona is "dead"? Then how come Rick Ross still sells a bunch of records? How come 50 Cent gets more promotion then Wale? How come Lil Wayne, who has spent some time living with a "gangster persona," is still bigger than Drake?


I mean, yeah, these guys (with the exception of Drake, who is a cornball) are pretty great/different. But let's face it; Wale is never going to beat Dorrough on the radio, Drake will always be less interesting than every rapper, ever, and Kid Cudi will always seem like Kanye's little brother. Gangster rap still sells, and three rappers with two studio albums to their names isn't going to change that. At least not yet. [Real Talk NY]

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Kid Cudi

The only one of those three who could change anything is Drake, because he gets more radio play that Wale and CuDi combined. And that's not a bad look if Drake drops some of his corniness and sticks to solid songwriting.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

Yeah, I guess he's the only one with the commercial power to do anything, but I think he's kind of bloated up on his own success at this point. Everything post-So Far Gone has sounded so lazy.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Oh, absolutely agree about the post-So Far Gone material. But I'm hoping it's just a case of him giving people mediocre stuff while keeping the good-to-great verses/hooks for his debut.

And I think Wale and CuDi have potential to blow up, but they need the proper push. "Chillin'" and nothing after "Day 'n' Nite" aren't gonna do it.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

The writer of this is an idiot....Drake less entertaining than any rapper....I think he's alot more entertaining than Gucci Mane. And is a corball...this is stupid as hell.


Drake is the Man, First and far most. And Gangster rap is dead homie. Who the f*ck wants to hear snoop these days. 50 is the only one doing it still, and hey! Is he really gangster raP?? Dude signs on every chorus. If you cant sing a chorus these days ur not getting signed. Artists need more than just street cred these days. Drakes got some intellectual sh*t to say. Cudi had got style and wale just got lucky - or put in work - cuss hes the average.
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EJohns you got its wrong or that last sentence, Wale is the most talented rapper of the three, very comparable to Lupe Fiasco - although not yet on par. It's all the in mixtapes, just like Drake and Cudi. - I don't think Drake is corny either, and So Far Gone is good but I like his recent work (or verses) i.e. 1st 12 bars of Forever Verse and even the Money to Blow verse was nice. IMHO.


wale and cudi have a big potential but nobody is advertising it.

freshman class of hip hop 09

I think all three of you are f*cking retards.
Kid Cudi is the greatest thing to happen to hip hop and Wale is a sick rapper.

Suck a fat dick.

Zac Simpson

Drake is soooo sick - he's not corny. He's bringing new flavor to rap and the shiit he says is actually interesting. Cudi's sick too and Wale's got a nice flow. the 3 of em are sick, but Drizzy's the future of rap!!!


drake gat all it takes 2 be afloat,so am not amased about people hatin on the biggest fan he can ever have.thumbs up drake!

kutse robert

I wouldnt necissarily say that they killin the the gangsta persona, but they are killin the game right now, and one of em is doin it without an album so i just look at it like this. Cudi is takin over for kanye right now, Drake is takin over for Wayne at the moment and Wale is killin everything in between. Kanye still the best though hands down. :D


All 3 of em are dope as hell.... They all kinda have there own style. But all 3 of em are really killin the "gangster rap" scene. No one has really come out with any dope yet.


I agree that Drake has the commericial success of the three...I also agree that they are on the verge of changing 'hip-hop' genre but they need to thank Kanye for that (yep I said it). I prefer Drake/Kanye/Wale/Cudi over Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane Rick Ross...i came from the hood too but it's time to hear something else...a different sound...reinvent hip hop or return it back to Russell Simmons era....tired of the same ole same ole...


Agreed, CJ.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

it took long enough but this dude is totally wrong there is nothing wrong with drake except maybe his latest stuff is a little off par but i still find it catchy


hip hop is mediocre.these guys a bringing smthn new , with more realness to has spoken more non-chalantly like Kanye, thats why he sells. the same can be said of Drizzy and Cudi.those 3(+Wale) r the future. add N.E.R.D & Shwayze & its world domination


wow this writer got it all wrong. drake wale and cudi are very talented wale puts in the most work because drake got lil wayne that it one of the best rappers alive and cudi got kanye. wale is doing it and all by himself..thats hard work. just give them time and they will be the definition of hip hop


You are all out of your minds. These three boys can't change a thing. How many wack wannabe MC's does it take to change a light bulb? Three.

The only one true enough to do some real change and do it in a style that has not been seen and do it with wordplay and smarts that hasn't been seen in the game to this degree thus far is none other than Lupe Fiasco.

THAT is the real future. Has more skill than these three could ever dream of.

Lasers in 2010.
And a very special mixtape this Christmas with the release of his new mixtape, "Friend of the People."

FNF Army

real talk cudi is the best....drake is a beast he been slacking a lil after so far gone but he is stil yet a beast...wale on some stuff that errbody was hatin on but is now doing...these three will change the sorry lupe is my favorite rapper but he can't change the game when he sold two of his three albums already cuz all he is making is three albums...lil wayne can't do stuff becuz he talks about the same things....u can't be a martian and say the same stuff as everyone else is cars and bitches that is all gangsta rap is


Money to blow is pre so far gone it from probably august 2008.


Drake's image easily shadows wale's and cudi's,but kid cudi's style is far more original than drakes, and wales,but pretty much all wales songs are made up of lyrical genius

Drake has the biggest jump start with the whole wayne thing, but i don't see him getting much bigger unless he does a song with wale and kid cudi.. or a really really good song with lupe or T.I.(when he gets out)
Cudi will for a while be kanyes baby bro, but I think he will surpass kanye,but it could take a minute, unless he makes a group or something
Wale i believe has the most potential for killin gangstaz, not much of a threat now but once he does something solid he will be up there with lupe, unless he becomes like common


wow u serious dawg kid cudi and wale gna blow up huge they are the best rappers out there no doubt and nobody got shxt like my man cudder this writer dumb as fxck . drake has some good songs and some bad give em a lil time to blow but wale and kid cudi gona have the spotlight soon.

jess the bestt

I do agree that drake has more commercial success then cudi and wale. But i would not say that wale and cudi are bad, Man on the moon by cudi was a great breakout album, and wales first mixtapes are so dope. And even though the gangster rapper is dying out, i dont think the end will come anytime soon. Although im liking this new rapper breed.


all three of them are wack. these new cats killed not just rap, but all of what hip hop was. forget these new niggas, all they do is make songs for little white girls for anyway, and im not racist either. what happend to real spittas like redman, sticky fingaz, busta rhymes, jay-z, kurupt, chuck D, slick rick etc. like foreal, these guys are just lucky they came in time period where masculinity is gone, where rappers where tight clothese that are made for they girl, carryin handbags and singing. none of these new cats would have made in the 90s, niggas would have looked at you like you a bitch.

QB's finest

Honestly I think even with this article over three months old now it is still to soon to tell anything, as history has shown. I only hope for the best.


there is no way these guys are killing hip-hop.. redefining yes. killing definitely not. they are all good rappers.. i bet you everyone of you guys went and copped thank me later or you downloaded the leaked version.. these guys are legit DO NOT HATE


first of all GQ never said gangster rap wasnt better or better selling then these other artist. GQ only said that these three artist have paved the way for future artists to be involved in hip hop and not be gangster.


it's the year 2011 and drake's year (2010) is over. Kid Cudi got the spot light for a little while but he is barely holding on to it.
Wale just got signed to Maybach and he is GETTING up there. (with Wiz K) i just hope he can keep it.


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