GQ Claims Wale, Drake and Kid Cudi Killed Hip-Hop’s “Gangster Persona” Dead

    Drake, Wale and Kid Cudi are featured in a year-end roundup in the latest edition of GQ, pictured in a story that claims that the three of them helped kill off hip-hop’s “gangster persona.” Sure, it’s a bit much to expect a magazine devoted to bringing white dudes pictures of Megan Fox’s lady bits to discuss what’s happening in hip-hop, but the gangster persona is “dead”? Then how come Rick Ross still sells a bunch of records? How come 50 Cent gets more promotion then Wale? How come Lil Wayne, who has spent some time living with a “gangster persona,” is still bigger than Drake?


    I mean, yeah, these guys (with the exception of Drake, who is a cornball) are pretty great/different. But let’s face it; Wale is never going to beat Dorrough on the radio, Drake will always be less interesting than every rapper, ever, and Kid Cudi will always seem like Kanye’s little brother. Gangster rap still sells, and three rappers with two studio albums to their names isn’t going to change that. At least not yet. [Real Talk NY]