IGN’s Top Ten Prog Guitar Gods

    At first, IGN’s listing of the top ten prog-rock six-stringers might seem out of place amidst tallies of the "Top 25 Babes" and in-depth PlayStation analyses, but then it slowly begins to make sense — what more appropriate place could there be for a prog-centric piece than in such a gloriously geek-friendly arena as this?


    In any case, the list is pretty solid, mostly sticking to the obvious prog-guitar titans: Yes’s Steve Howe, King Crimson’s Robert Fripp, Genesis guitar genius Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd pickmeister David Gilmour, Martin Barre of Jethro Tull, and Rush axeman Alex Lifeson. Beyond that, kudos for the selection of less obvious guitarslingers like Howe’s Yes predecessor Peter Banks, and Dutch proggers Focus’s Jan Akkerman, but we must look askance at the questionable choice of Greg Lake. "He’s better known for his songwriting and bass skills" is the understatement of the century; dude can get by on the acoustic fingerpicking tip, but when it comes to plugging in, he’s not fit to stand in the same room with the aforementioned guitmonsters. We’re also iffy about the inclusion of Dream Theater’s John Petrucci — prog-metal, feh. If they wanted to bring the list a bit more up-to-date (not a bad idea), they should have picked Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of Mars Volta Fame. Well, we’d like to debate this further, but we’ve got a date with a sweet remastered version of Tales from Topographic Oceans.


    [Largehearted Boy]