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Iggy Pop Keeps It Punk Rock In Car Insurance Ad (Video)


Iggy Pop's last ad for Swiftcover, a U.K. car insurance company, was controversial, and not for why you think: the company didn't cover musicians (but it did stomp on Iggy's punk roots). This new ad features an Iggy puppet, which, quite predictably, is as horrible as it sounds. Remember when this dude was scaring the shit out of hippies and lying in street gutters? Well, now he drives in purple cars with puppet analogs of himself. Who am I kidding? It's probably an upgrade. 

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Iggy Pop

I like to pretend that all of my punk heroes were secretly hunted down and killed somewhere in the 80s and replaced with money grubbing, attention seeking androids. Helps me reconcile the Iggy Pop and Lou Reed of 1969 with the Iggy Pop and Lou Reed of 2009.

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