Iggy Pop Covers Beatles, Sinatra & Edith Piaf On New ‘Apres’ Album

    Following his 2009 album, Préliminaires, it appears Iggy Pop is apparently still on that French kick. The Stooges frontman has announced a new work, entitled Apres, to be released May 9. It will be Pop’s 16th record and first official album of covers.

    The ten-track Apres will see the recent Record Store Day ambassador cover the Beatles’ “Michelle,” Frank Sinatra’s “Only the Lonely,” and Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose.” Takes on Serge Gainsbourg and Yoko Ono will also be included, and the mix of French songs will cover roughly half the album. Regarding this, Pop explained that French culture “has most stubbornly resisted the mortal attacks of the Anglo-American music machine.” And as only he can do, Iggy elaborated. [NME]

    All popular music forms of today get their strength from the beat. Rap, hip-hop, metal, pop, and rock producers will tell you that the beats they use imitate the human heartbeat and that is where the power lies. I’ve always loved this other feeling, one that is intimate, sometimes a little sad, and does not try to beat me on the head.