Iggy Pop Compares Music Today To Cheap Juice

    Iggy Pop is nearly 65, so you have to forgive him a few “old man shouting at the kids” moments anyway, and they’re easier to forgive when the points dude is making are actually pretty cogent. In a recent video posted on the Record Store Day website Iggy talks about his history with vinyl records and working in record stories. In a particularly damning passage, he says that music in the modern age is “sort of like those cheap drinks you get in a bad supermarket where it says, ‘Contains 10% juice.'” He goes on:

    “It reminds me of how crappy it was to turn on American Bandstand in the ’50s… and see all the endless, gutless, dickless imitations of Elvis that the American industry decided to push on the kids.”

    The whole video is pretty engaging, with Iggy seeming like the elder statesman of rock we wouldn’t mind if Jagger and Townsend would be, waxing philosophical about his experience with working shit jobs and listening to Johnny Cash. The video is part of his being the ambassador of Record Store Day 2012. You can watch that video here, and check out the Record Store Day website here. [NME]