Iggy And The Stooges’ Updated Tour Rider Is Comedy Gold

    Six years ago The Smoking Gun published selections from Iggy Pop‘s tour rider, calling the 18-page document “the single most entertaining concert rider” they’d ever seen. You can still view the original on TSG’s website; hilarity is plentiful, but a few highlights include a rambling diatribe on incompetent “fat, bearded hippy” monitor men in Northern Spain (pg. 3), Road Manager Eric Fischer’s ever-growing collection of souvenir pins, which he sticks on his jacket like a “big YMCA power walker” (pg. 14).

    Jos Grain, the band’s Stage Manager, is the man behind the pen (or more appropriately, a computer word processing program lacking spell-check), and he’s back with an updated rider, which the Smoking Gun also got its hands on. Check out all 28 pages at TSG (you won’t be disappointed), but we’re posting pg. 20 here with the very important update that Road Manager Eric Fischer no longer requires souvenir pins! (What happened, Eric?) [DailySwarm]