iForward, Russia! Embark on Blitzkrieg Tour of Key American Markets

    Having recently signed to Mute North America, the Leeds based quartet iForward, Russia! will embark on a blitzkrieg tour of key US market cities starting tonight in New York City. Thats right, Russians can perform blitzkrieg attacks too. Even though these Russians are actually English. Anyways


    iForward, Russia! (and their new North American label) are hoping to transfer the momentum the band has received in the UKtwo Top 40 singles this year and numerous praise laden headlines from the British music press (whatever thats worth these days)into the American market through these three buzz shows. At least these guys have a half-decent name. Well, sort of.




    06-14 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
    06-15 San Francisco, CA Popscene
    06-17 Los Angeles, CA Troubadour


    The debut record Give Me A Wall was released on May 15 in Europe and will be released in September in North America.

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