If You Can’t Wait For ‘Skyfall,’ Watch This New TV Spot

    It’s nice to know that James Bond is back on track. The Pierce Brosnan era started out promisingly with Goldeneye, and it seemed as if there was still something there when Tomorrow Never Dies was released. However, the back-to-back clunkers of The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day seemed to signal the end of James Bond’s relevance. Maybe, as Goldeneye suggested, he was simply a Cold War-era relic with no place in the modern world. 

    The Daniel Craig era has put all of those fears to rest. Casino Royale showed that a stripped-down, bare bones Bond could be an effective action star. Quantum of Solace may not have wowed audiences or critics, but it certainly showed that the producers of the franchise were willing to commit to an ongoing story and a less cartoonish character than Bond’s previous incarnations. 

    As a result, expectations for the upcoming Skyfall are incredibly high. This is also one of the first times that a director who’s known for more than just action is at the helm. Sam Mendes, of American Beauty and Revolutionary Road fame is in charge, and he’ll bring plenty of interpersonal drama to what seems like a crackling action film. Check out the new TV spot below (via ComingSoon.net) if you don’t believe me, and get excited for the movie’s Nov. 9 general release.