Idlewild gets cranky over OutKast album title

    So, apparently Scottish rockers Idlewild finally crawled out from whatever rock they were living under, and realized that OutKast stole the band’s name for their latest album/film. Rather than sit back and enjoy all the extra exposure that Google searches will provide, they’ve decided to get pissed about it. Here’s what frontman Roddy Woombie had to say on the band’s official website:
    “Not sure what’s up with this new OutKast album. (I) keep seeing posters for it and thinking I’ve forgotten about a concert. Not that it’s likely Idlewild would play a show with Andre 3000 and Big Boi (what a stupid name). Maybe when our new LP comes out next February some unfamiliars will think we’re some sort of Outkast tribute. Could be interesting. Probably won’t be.”
    News Flash: your name is Roddy Woombie. You’re not in the position to be making fun of anyone’s name. Period. Now stop whinning, we know you’re secretly loving all this.
    Via: Filter