Ice Cube Says He Will Release New Album, I Am The West This Summer

    Ice Cube has announced that his ninth studio album will release this summer. He explained the title, I Am The West, in a blog post yesterday:

    For 7 or 8 years now the West Coast has been trying to do music that appeals to the South and Mid-West. The words, “too West Coast” would be heard throughout the industry whenever our music was played. Even by our own dj’s. Left coast MC’s were now trying to change their sound to cater to all the followers. We lost our way. Thank God for b-boys like Snoop, The Game & WC for keeping the West alive, but we were all guilty of over reaching. No more. At least not from me. I do it how I feel it; not how I think it should be done.


    This is Ice Cube’s first album since 2008’s Raw Footage. He claims to have written more than half of the new album’s material, and that a July release is “doable.” [Hip Hop N More]